Car Insurance Explained

Insurance is there to protect you when things go wrong so it’s important to have the right level of protection before you get behind the wheel but which covers right for you? Compulsory third party insurance or CTP doesn’t cover property damage to either yours or someone else’s vehicle it only covers personal injuries to passengers in either vehicle or the driver who isn’t at fault.

Personal injuries to the at fault driver are not usually covered by this insurance unless the driver has at fault driver cover CTP insurance is compulsory in Queensland and is included in the car rego costs. But you still might need a little something else Take these three drivers…

this driver isn’t worried about the cost of replacing her car so she has third-party liability insurance this is different to CTP because it covers the cost of damage you might cause to other people’s property in an accident, which means you’ll only have to fix your own car. It’s for those who just want the basic cover. This driver has third party fire and theft insurance.

He’s covered for damage to other people’s property as well as damage to his own car if it’s caused by fire or theft. It’s for those wanting a little more than just the basic cover. This driver loves her car and wants the highest protection so she has comprehensive motor vehicle insurance in the event of an accident she pays her excess and the rest is taken care of. It even offers additional options for extra cover So now you know which cover is right for you, call us, visit our website or come in store.

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